Do You Need a Renewable Energy Source Now?
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While Endecon does provide system design services and is involved with system installations, those services are typically provided to manufacturers and large system integrators.  However, we recognize that there is increasing demand for small residential and business systems.

The current energy crisis in California has created many new opportunities for renewable energy.  Besides providing a reliable energy option for homeowners and businesses, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind do not compromise our air quality or water quality.  Thus the siting issues that have hampered the construction of new power plants within California--and in other states as well--are not an issue.  The California Energy Commission  has a buydown program that can cover up to 50% of the cost of a renewable energy system .  For programs outside of California, check here.

If you are interested in installing a solar energy system on your home or business, a number of manufacturers, system integrators, and installers can be found at the following web sites:


In California -
California Solar Energy Industries Association - CalSEIA
(click on the Members and Contractors button)

Northern California Solar Energy Association
(look under the Finding Contractors & Suppliers list)

The California Energy Commission maintains a list of companies that are suppliers and contractors of solar energy equipment and systems.

Nation-wide -
Solar Energy Industries Association - SEIA


American Wind Energy Association - AWEA
(click on the AWEA Members Directory)

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