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Endecon acted as the primary point of contact for PG&E in their cooperative agreement with the Italian electric utility ENEL from 1991 through 1994.  As a result of Italy's "green" policies, ENEL initiated many PV projects.  ENEL designed and installed stand-alone PV systems for island customers and remote mountain cabins.  They also had a significant program to develop grid-tied systems, including a 3.3 MW plant installed near Serre, Italy.  Endecon personnel toured their systems and facilities, assisted with testing at one of their laboratories, and collaborated on an IEEE paper. Endecon coordinated and was involved with several meetings to review designs and discuss issues such as distribution benefits.  This work provided us with a European perspective to such PV issues as siting, interconnection, and grounding.

Endecon was an invited speaker at a July 1994 International Energy Agency (IEA) workshop that covered multi-megawatt PV systems.  The workshop was part of the IEA's Implementing Agreement on PV, Task 4.  Papers were presented covering the 5.2 MW Carrisa Plains PV system and the 500 kW PVUSA Kerman PV system.

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