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Photovoltaics for Utility Scale Applications - PVUSA

For a dozen years, PVUSA was the seminal utility–related photovoltaic research project in the United States, if not the world.  Endecon's involvement began with the PVUSA project inception in 1986.  Initially, we worked with PG&E and Bechtel to develop the specifications for the data acquisition system and led the evaluation of DAS proposals.  As the test facility in Davis, CA became operational, our responsibilities grew to include on-site support for installation, operation, and maintenance of the PV systems and data collection equipment as well as performing nearly all of the data analysis tasks for data from all PVUSA sites.  For several years, Endecon acted as PG&E's representative on the PVUSA Technical Review Committee (TRC).  When the project transitioned in 1997 to California Energy Commission ownership and Sacramento Municipal Utility District management, and through its closure in 2000, Endecon was retained to act as site operator, adding all aspects of operation and management to our previous responsibilities for testing, monitoring, and reporting.

Endecon helped develop PVUSA RFPs, review bids, select vendors, review system designs, develop project goals and implementation plans, rate PV systems, and, operate and maintain PV and data collection systems.  We had lead authorship or played a major role in nearly every of the over 100 technical papers and reports that came out of the project.  We also developed and presented workshops and training courses for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of PV systems.

We developed a custom relational database management system to simplify data analysis and allow increased flexibility for new systems.  We developed data collection software and updated the hardware to add additional functions to the data collection system to facilitate large increases in data flow and provide more useful displays and user interface.

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