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Endecon has evaluated hundreds of PV systems, for system owners, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, funding agencies, and government and academic research organizations.  Such evaluations are used to establish or verify system ratings, evaluate new technologies, determine long-term degradation rates, and for troubleshooting.  Two examples of this sort of activity are listed below.

Endecon was contracted by Sandia National Laboratories (1995 - 1997) to perform field testing on a number of large-scale hybrid PV systems with as much as 400 kW of PV and 4 MWh of batteries.  Tests include safety inspection, ground resistance measurements, Field Wet Resistance Test, array IV curves and system rating, and battery capacity testing.  In 1997, we assisted Sandia with rating several large DOE PV installations and in the development and evaluation of a PV array rating methodology

Under a contract with SMUD in 1995, Endecon sample-tested residential PV systems to evaluate performance and determine system status.  Under various contracts and agreements, we've tested PV systems ranging from 2 kW to 500 kW for prominent solar companies like AstroPower (2001, 2002), PowerLight (2001, 2002), BP Solar (2001, 2002), PVI (1998), Solarex (1996), SMA (2002) and Megawatt Energy Corporation (2003).

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