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Training has been an integral part of the technology transfer activities of Endecon.  In addition to technical papers and presentations at various conferences, training workshops are an essential part of bringing lessons learned in the field to various practitioners and interested parties. 

In 1998, we began to accelerate our training efforts to meet the growing need for PV system installer and building inspector training sparked by the implementation of the California Emerging Renewables Program.  From April 1998 to April 2000, over 175 installers and 200 inspectors received training provided by Endecon, primarily through PVUSA.

These efforts have continued through the California Energy Commission under a technical support contract administered by Regional Economic Research.  Over 800 inspectors have received training since these workshops began in 2000. In addition to inspectors, an installer training program commenced in March of 2001 that trained over 1000 installers in eighteen months.

Another major training effort with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has been underway since October 2001. As of July 2003, Endecon has provided over 30 one-day hands-on PV installation training courses, with over 400 installers participating in that training. Three-day design and installation courses are also offered at LADWP and elsewhere in California on a quarterly basis to classes of  30-50 attendees..

Endecon provides directed and product-specific training for clients such as Spire Solar Chicago, BP Solar, Trace Engineering, Altair Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, Hawaii Electric Light Company, Solar Energy Institute, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and for local utilities and state agencies in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah,, and Oregon.

The value of training and education in the photovoltaic and distributed generation fields is being recognized by both the trades and program administrators. This area is likely to see significant increased interest as sources of new electrical supply create additional demand for these technologies and trained installation and inspection personnel. Current and upcoming training activities are described here.

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